Products & Services

Expedited mail services

Express delivery services for documents and merchandise (including dutiable goods). The service provides express custom clearance for dutiable goods and is available to many international destinations.


This is the domestic express delivery service for documents and merchandise items nationwide.


This is a paid return service by the sender at the point of posting. The service is only provided for Speed post transactions.

EMS Pack

This is EMS/speedpost branded packs (carton containers) sold across the counter to customers sending merchandise items.

Speed post Economy

This is a 48hours domestic service. It is targeted at social customers sending non-time critical items and at lower service level than the normal speedpost.

Intra City Service

The intracity service offers effective and efficient collection and delivery of documents and merchandise items within big cities in Nigeria at very competitive rates.

Notes: (1) Maximum weight of International items is 30kg.

(2) Maximum size is 1.5 meters for one dimension or 3 meters for the length and the greatest circumference measured in a direction other than the length.